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Lisa Kelly works with home based business entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed, unproductive, helping them become the confident successful professionals they are meant to be.

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Positive Mental Attitude: Importance For A Breakthrough

Positive Mental Attitude: Importance For A Breakthrough

Dec 29, 2015 | 2 Comments

Breakthroughs don’t come around often and I have been privileged to experience a few lately through the process of developing a positive mental attitude. What is your attitude towards your body, weight, friends, family, work? The list goes on and on… However, is your attitude helping you or hindering your progress? This post could possible be the […]

Feel the fear – How To Overcome It Fast!

Feel the fear – How To Overcome It Fast!

Dec 8, 2015 | No Comments

It can be really hard to feel the fear and even harder to overcome it. The strategies below are here to come to the rescue and get you on the path to success by accepting that you need to feel the fear and do it anyway. These tips are coming at you from the amazing […]

The Shocking Truth About Not Doing The One Thing

The Shocking Truth About Not Doing The One Thing

Sep 18, 2015 | No Comments

By knowing what the one thing is that you need to be doing can drastically improve your life. How many things are concentrating on right now? How is this having an impact on your life? I’m sure you’re thinking; I’ve got to get the washing done, grocery shopping, pick the kids up from school, cook […]


  • Sarah Carrie

    Thank you Lisa Kelly for the amazing tools you have already given me and the support. We are only two months into my six month coaching term and already I am reaching new goals. Can’t wait to see what I can achieve by the six month mark. So nice to have someone on by your side who wants to see you succeed. 

    - Sarah Carrie

  • Naomi Saunders

    I just had my coaching call with Lisa last night! She got me excited again for my own business ventures and we spoke about some goals and created effective action steps for the week!! I highly recommend it!

    - Naomi Saunders

  • Glenda Well

    Thank-you Lisa for helping me with the way to expand my horizon by your valuable insights and inspiration. I am getting myself so organised it’s a new experience and I’m finding it quite liberating. I am so grateful to you.

    - Glenda Wells

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